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Hotel Versailles

“I have been working with Indigo Life since 2017, and would absolutely recommend them to any colleague, friend or family member! They are professional, responsive, timely, genuine and make those in front of the camera feel very comfortable, which can be an extremely challenging feat! My final deliverables always exceed my expectations. I truly consider Indigo Life an extension of my internal team. Highly recommend!”

– Faye Barlage, Corporate Communications Manager at Midmark (Hotel Versailles Partner)

An icon reborn


The Inn at Versailles had been a pillar of the tight-knit community of Versailles, Ohio, since 1994, when a local couple revitalized the then 93-year-old building and opened it with authentic 17th-century French decor.


When it was irreparably damaged by fire in 2019, it left a hole in both the town landscape and in the hearts of the people.   


Plans to rebuild came with a modern, upscale rebrand. As before, the boutique hotel would include a restaurant, but the new Hotel Versailles would also include an event space and would cater to business travelers. 


A promise to the community


Even though the groundbreaking hadn’t happened yet, the project leaders asked us to create a video that would boost the community’s morale after a difficult loss and build anticipation for the next chapter in the hotel’s history. 


Creating a hotel in the living room


When the client came to us, the only visual assets they had were an empty lot in the middle of downtown and architectural renderings of the new hotel — which would have made for a pretty lifeless video. We knew the only way to capture the vibrant vision for the hotel was to include footage of real people interacting in real spaces.


We put together a mood board to help the client scout out filming locations around town that would work together to present a cohesive vision of a high end, historic hotel with all the modern amenities business travelers expect. 


We filmed in four locations, including one of the client’s homes and a local restaurant, with all local talent. 


The final product was seen and celebrated by thousands of community members.

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