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Glasshouse Realty Group

“Working with Indigo Life was more than a pleasure!  Andrew and Lauren exemplify what it means to be client-focused, and are now like family to us.  They are wonderful people both personally and professionally.  We were all blown away by the finished products they and their team produced.  I would recommend Indigo Life to anyone looking to creatively promote their business!"

–Evan Kloth, Owner & Broker of Glasshouse Realty Group

A better way to buy and sell


Glasshouse Realty Group is on a mission to modernize the way real estate is bought and sold throughout Ohio. When they decided to invest in video marketing, they reached out to us for advice about where to start. 


Starting from scratch


Video marketing is a powerful medium for connecting with an audience, because humans naturally form an emotional bond when they see a human face. But to build traction, consistency is key. Success comes when viewers learn to expect a certain kind of content, and the brand delivers on a predictable schedule. 


As we do with any of our clients who are getting into video marketing for the first time, we recommended Glasshouse start with our brand builder package: a single, budget-friendly engagement designed to create as much content as possible in one-to-two days of filming. 


Glasshouse loved the idea of getting a running start in video. Through a focused, short-term effort, they would create enough video and images to provide three-to-four months of visual content to use on social media, in email campaigns, and on their website — and they’d have a library of stock footage to pull from for future videos.  


Defining the brand’s on-camera voice 


One of the challenges of working with new-to-video brands is having no previous content to match in style and tone. Even if the brand has a large collection of written marketing materials, there’s still an infinite number of ways to embody the brand’s personality on video.


As soon as we met Mo and Evan, we knew their sense of humor set them apart in their industry. In the competitive real estate market, a broker’s career is built on personal relationships and referrals, so we knew these videos had to showcase their fun personalities. 


Not your average real estate company


The Glasshouse team was up for anything we suggested. They smashed fax machines, wore wigs, and faked accents. They showed their personalities by riffing on industry stereotypes, while showcasing their expertise with useful tips for buyers and sellers. 


We’ve done a lot of these packages, but we’re especially proud of this one because it was both effective and fun.

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