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Aileron Journeys

"The Indigo Life team is one of our go-to partners for helping us tell our story, tell our clients' stories, and sharing with the Aileron community in a more personal and relevant way. Every project is a collaborative effort in creatively capturing what we want to say--even when we're not sure what that is at the onset. The Indigo Life team leads us through their process and guides us towards a wonderful end-product. And when they are on-site, they are professional, discrete, and such a positive group to work with. One of the best."

–Stacy Sheldon, Market Engagement Director at Aileron

A support system for entrepreneurs


Aileron has been providing management training and coaching for business owners and entrepreneurs for more than 25 years.


For a long time, Aileron’s marketing focused on the experience of being at the physical campus — it was the place you went to work on your business. 


But with a shift to more virtual programming and an ongoing membership model, they wanted to create a video that refocused their message on the community of entrepreneurs whose businesses — and often lives — had been transformed through Aileron’s support.


Involving members in the creative process 


To ensure the video would resonate with Aileron’s target audience, we held an interactive brainstorming session with some highly engaged members. By incorporating human-centered design techniques, we helped the members reach a consensus about the language and messaging Aileron should use to connect with people like them. 


Working with budget constraints


To achieve an organic feel that would be relatable and accessible to an audience of down-to-earth small business owners from around the country, this video needed to show members in their workplaces — not just talking heads with a fuzzy background. 


But some of those workplaces were over a thousand miles away, and flying a film crew to each location wasn’t in the cards.


In addition to filming interviews during an event when members were already at Aileron, we also worked with one of the members to capture shots on their cell phone. We provided a shot list and coached their team on how to capture steady footage. They followed our instructions beautifully, and the shots they captured gave the video the authentic touch Aileron wanted.


At Indigo Life, we know that what makes a video work is so much more than the quality of the footage. We prioritize effectiveness over perfection, and we love working with clients who share those values.

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